Really, could struggle to find a more depressing song for Xmas time!!! Drug addiction, Drug abuse and hospitalised death..oh yes it's all here!

But a great song, from 'Sticky Fingers'
Let me know...?

Oh yeah, Happy Bleedin' Xmas I'm sure..!
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++Silly Season...++


As previously reported Silly season is in full swing and I had two concerts today at two schools. the morning one was at the Special school and it went very well, gotta say.
huge set up for a short concert but worth it to get everyone involved at so many levels in so many different ways!
A few piccies..
The percussion set up. Jingle Bells arranged in three differentiated parts for tuned percussion!
The PA set up with back line. Impressive Fender guitar amps...VERY loud and a bit overkill, but hey..if you can?! Also featurring new Roland keyboard amp. These things are LOUD and only 40watts!! incredible. Mainly my Year 12/13 singing and playing up here for the communal Chrimbo songs.
and my Year 7 guitar open string arrangement of Jingle Bells (yes, again!) and they did very well! We also used this area for my rising star year 7 who played and sang When a Child is Born with only a little hindrance from his music teacher! he did really well.

this afternoons total contrast was 60 ukulele children doing their thing - also a great experience! Finished the concert with 'Rudolph' and all 60 children playing!! The nice people got me some wine and chocolate as well! Bargain!

So a good day...and the same tomorrow more or less.

The Boss is out tonight...again. So we're home alone with the boys. Bit bored to be honest...!
Looking forward to meeting up with the Boss some time Friday i think it is...
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++Of haircuts and cars...++

Started the day with mass outing to the hairdressers - well me and the boys at least!

Returned to base to discover that the Boss had already been and gone and done the food shop (HOOOGE food shop!?) so was after medals etc?

We then went off to my friends Childrens Centre as they had a Xmas Open Day thingy going on. Although the Small monstrosity is a little old for such things he seemed to enjoy it...
I loved the reindeer that were there. Such magnificent creatures obviously well cared for by the small concern that had brought them along. the two ladies were very friendly and knowledgeable to chat to. The SM enjoyed feeding them lichen after getting over initial shyness and worries over them!
There was also a snow machine there that all the kids were having a great time with! Dead realistic as well...well it annoyed the hell outta me just like the real stuff?!
Of course we finshed up with a long waited visit to the man in red. unfortunately the SM felt completely duped and I did have some sympathy with the sentiment.
"Dad! How come all the other children got a nice wrapped up present and I got a plastic bag of 'stuff?'"
Fair question Son!

Ah, the demands of youth!
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++A small amount of time..++

Silly Season is in full swing at the moment.

A ton of concerts at numerous places with a ton of children having a rare ol' time. And to be honest, so am I! Loving the job, loving the working towards performances in their many varied forms.

Yesterday I was at the Special School that I work at and World War III broke out.
The day started fairly okay, lesson obs for the bloke I work with - he did well, lesson a success (setting up the PA for a 'live' rehearsal). The PA set up, we then rehearsed for the forthcoming afternoon concert, again going well.
Slight deviation and hassle surrounding one of the Year groups...but nowt we couldn't handle.
Then we discovered that the marauding horde of children roaming the school (not unusual) had stuffed a chair through a glass viewing panel on a door showering the bloke technician guy with glass...then they proceeded to visit each and every room including ours.
They nicked off with a Bass amp - displaying the level of intelligence, it's bleedin heavy! So we get over all this hassle and start moving stuff into the hall for the Xmas concert/ gig. completely set up, fairly balanced, jobs a good un. There are children riding around on the chair trolley that shouldn't...wall displays being 'whipped' down with lengths of rubber (from ?!) but all fairly ordinary.
I'm noting the time..getting later and later to fit every thing in to start on of the little angels sets the fire alarm off just as the police arrive to escort them off the premises and to take them home in the police car!!
We all trail outside in the snow and ice and make the decision that it'll have to be post-poned. My rather talented drummer lad (J...16, 6'2" - he's a big lad) loses it completely at the sheer frustration and autistic hassle of it all and begins showering the hall with the chairs!!
Did feel sorry for him to be fair...

So that was a day!

But went out to take the Small Monstrosity  (do click it!) to Cubs last night and he got his first badge! 'Fitness challenge!' Wa and hey! However this is a double edged blade as The Boss is distinctly unimpressed as she has all the sewing on of badges to do!!
He's only just started and gets invested next week, looking forward to it!

Little Mini is going okay...has needed the Battery Charger start once this week and a jump from one of my neighbour friends another day. Think i may invest in one of these... comes recommended and is cheap at that price.
The Ol' Man recommended a quick winter fix. the door handles are completely metal, a rarity these days. Well of course doesn't help on these frosty cold mornings as the lock and push button freeze solid! So he suggested this...
thats pipe lagging! Works a treat. Stick it on when I get in of a night and it's fine for the next morning!

Got one ukulele concert tomorrow afternoon, then a run after work with a friend, which I'm loving. Running with company is great, and he's quite quick so its a decent run as well! the weekend brings a haircut and not sure what else?!

Hope you're all well and surviving the weather, wherever you are!?
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It's been a long ol' while since I did a you tube vid.

This is an original song that I wrote the lyric to an age ago then more recently wrote the music. But still I've been sitting on it for some time.

The actual song is summat that's very close to my heart and very personal. All about the feeling of fatherhood in many ways for me.
So that's why it's not all niceties in the lyric!

But as the notes on Youtube say, I think these hand holding days are fast fading...moving on.

Thanks for listening.


I loves me the technology!

Managed to get an upgrade on my mobile this weekend past.
Finally got my hands on the iPhone 4. Having had a 3G for 18 months I was convinced of its versatility and my complete dependence on it!

Took a little to get the sim activated...mainly as some DONUT didn't read ALL the instructions! What can I say, I'm a man!?

Love the screen resolution- much better. Seems to 'process' a little quicker as well. Looking forward to using the video camera in anger but would welcome recommends for a good on camera video editor?

Discovered that one of my all time fave vid games 'R-Type' was available for it and bought it straight away! Worth the cost of the phone alone...nearly.
Did have to sell my soul for a 24 month contract to be able to afford it though. A little steep. But figured that since I'd lived with the 3G so easily the 4 should be even easier..

..Shouldn't it?

Watch this space!

(By the way...managed to find a Flash Demo version of the game playable online for nowt! Bargain!)


++An interesting kinda week..++

Been a busy past few days...

Last Thursday was the big 'Presentation Evening' (insert Ostentatious sub-text here!) for the Special School i work at one day a week.
It was as hard work as ever but packed out in the rather large Hall we were in.
There were numerous performances - Band playing song they wrote themselves, catchy little number called 'A Good Night Out', Little lad (11) played solo guitar full chords to 'some where over the rainbow' and I sang it for him - no pressure! Big guitar group performance and a Finale of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Shakin' all over!
A really 'Good Night out' as it happens, tons of work but very rewarding. Very cool to see all the pupils really getting lots from the performance.

Oh mid-week the mini broke down rather spectacularly! Dead as a doornail through to the ignition. Turned out after a call to nice Mr AA man it was a dodgy fuse wire connection! Another one! So just to keep me on my toes it did it again twice more in the week! But I had the measure of it this time!

Went to the football yesterday at Walsall FC to watch the mighty Carlisle United...unfortunately things didn't really pan out how we expected... Took the Biggun with me. Think he enjoyed it?!
Left the lights on the car and it was announced right at the start of the game - mortified! but at least I went back a mile up the road (ran!) switched them off and it started afterwards.

Friends round last night for some food. They seemed unduly quiet...hope they're ok...?

Today went for a running adventure! I was meant to race yesterday at Stratford (Raceway 10k) but felt bit ropey Friday night, couldn't settle and didn't get to bed till midnight ish - (and not for a good reason - steady boys!!) decided then not to go. Awoke the next day feeling hung over even though I'd had not a single drop!
So to make up for it today i went off to try and get a run round this rather nice reservoir.
I'm told that the reservoir itself is 1.7 miles round, and it took nigh on 8 miles to get there. So the resulting run turned into an epic 18 miler! but I had a gel with me and ran all the way so was mighty pleased with that distance! been a while.

Have another active week this week. Got ANOTHER observation. I've been picked (1 of 3) to be observed by our new Head of Service. i suppose this is a b it of a compliment but also a pain in the butt! Lesson plans and formality when all I want to do is get on no pressure no stress! But whatever...

I joined a mini club a while ago. And they have a meeting on Tuesday this week. So i'll probably go to that.

The Boss is rather busy at the moment so we've been like ships that pass...ho well...there will be time..

Got a bit of a head tonight so off to bed on time!
Take care all - s'good to be back!
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++A great day out!++

Yesterday (Saturday) myself and Mr M went to the Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham. It was a bit of a mega bucks ticket price but figured it would be ok!

We broke the doors down at 9:30am and didn't return home till about 6:30!
The Classic Car show itself was brilliant. Every sort of car from way back to yesteryear to nigh on bang up to date. The Ferrari brigade were out in force, monitoring EVERYTHING going on within their enclosure!
The Merc boys had 'Jute' hand out bags instead of everyone elses plastic ones!
We didn't even go near the Rolls Royce people!
Surprisingly the Porche ganag were great fun and really pleasant to talk to.

But it was all about the Mini's really!! I was getting itchy feet as the show was spread over around 5 huge exhibition halls and I was busting a gut to whisk past stuff to get to the minis! Mr M was very patient! Eventually Mini's were found and my goodness what a selection and standard. Inspiring.

The highlight of the day was going to watch the 'Wheeler Dealer' live stage. now I LOVE this show on the TV (Check it out on YouTube here..) the premise is this..the one guy, Mike, buys a cheap (ish!) classic car and then hands it over to Edd, the mechanic, to do it up and then mike sells it on for a profit. Well I think this is THE best program out there! SKY+'d the entire series!
Well not only did I get to see the show I also got to meet the presenters and have my piccy taken with them! And they couldn't have been nicer, patient more decent people!
This is Mike Brewer, the Cockney car dealer!
And this is Edd China, the mechanic - also known as 'The Big Man!' I'm 6' tall! And there were no boxes involved!

Anyroad, if you're even the slightest bit of a petrol head, check out the photos on flickr that I took...

and to watch how a 6' 4" bloke fits in to a 'Marcos' supercar, then check out this YouTube video! Mr M had his 'Dream Ride!'

Spent a bit of money there as well on the ol' mini, but nowt too exciting.
But a great day topped off by a Vegetable Biryani last night that was delicious!

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++Of colds and catch-ups...++

I kind of fell out of love with LJ for some time...

One reason was that it was turning into a running journal. No bad thing but doesn't make for the best communication and interaction with others. Which for me was the main attractiveness of the entire Journal thing.

So hopefully this 'return' will herald news, comment and 'stuff' more than running. The running Journal is now part of my Garmin data page (apologies if this link doesn't work! May need to log in?!) and I am going to try and keep it that way apart from major comments like race reports etc.


What's given?

Well the summer was fun, not! I fractured my wrist trail running in my beloved forest! So big cast on for as little as I could keep it on (4 weeks!) Trained with it on for my second marathon through rain and everything wearing an elephant condom (trust me!) only just starting to now NOT wake up with pains through my wrist and arm...dodgy.

Still loving my music service job. Still being asked to demo and show other big-wigs around my lessons and new teaching web site (password protected at the moment as it's kinda new!)

Huge news is that I changed my car for a REAL beaut!
I started getting the inkling for a Classic mini during the summer. then I did a bit of research found out they were affordable, runnable (it's a word!) and waited. And waited...AND WAITED for a good one to turn up!
This baby did...'93 Mini Cooper 1275 SPi with half leather seats, yoko tyres and just BEAUTIFUL! i am very proud!
I'm quite into the whole Mini scene thing now. I joined a small club, am off to the classic car show this Saturday.
My new perfect Saturday afternoon is to drop the garage door, put the football on the radio and clean the car! Chamois leather and everything! Not being the most talented man alive mechanically I'm also enjoying learning. So far it has taken nigh on 6 hours of work to get the spot lights to work! But...

Family are well!
The small monstrosity is great! We unfortunately are down to just the two walks to school a week now. but we make sure that the ducks are well fed on both days.
He's getting used to bouncing around in the new car. He likes it as he gets to sit up front as well! He's the co-pilot in charge of radio (on/off), rear screen heater, light switch reminder-er to switch off (!) and indicator off warn-er! It's a full job!

Biggun has started trials for another local team and is delighted by that! He's definitely a 'Biggun' now wearing adult mens 'Medium' clothes at 14 years old!

The Boss is now a semi-Boss officially! She is newly appointed Deputy Head and i couldn't be prouder of her for this.

Lots of personal stuff gone on this year as well....quite historic for all sorts of reasons, good and bad, but that can remain for another less gossipy post!

My music stuff is going great guns and playing on and off with 'the Toads' is mega enjoyable! teaching privately gives me mini-pocket-money all good!


There you are! Will hope to keep posting less of the running and more of the life sooner more than later people...

PS I also have a cold! I'm a runner! i shouldn't get colds for goodness sake!
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++A toe in the water return...++

Good evening friends...anyone left?! LOL!

Wouldn't be blaming you if you weren't!

Been away for a good long time but recently felt the call to write again.
More another time as the sick bed beckons! Nowt serious but a bit of a cold thing going on. Too much running in the rain, VERY rain!!
Trying the nice teas and earlyish night and a few days off from the running.

Apart from that, all good really! Life has continued to NOT stand still in anyway shape or form....but more about that later I think...
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