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++Flame ON! Rock Uke!++
Hey all. Thought you may like to see my 'new' 'Flame ON! Rock Uke!'  

Started off life as a Blue Mahalo -loved it. But then fancied something a bit...well I'm not sure what a 'bit' it is, but it's definitely some sort of a 'bit!'

Er, yes.

Anyroad, here's the pictures...


I know the skull is a little immature-OTT...but hey!

I hand-painted the flames from a template outline. The finish was then given three coats of laquer. The painting won't stand up to incredibly close scrutiny, but ask me if I give a ...!?

If anyone likes the flames and wants the template let me know!

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They are so cool. I actually like the skull!

Thank you, thought it 'brightened' it up a bit?!

yay - way cool!

Reminds me of some nifty paintwork in the window of an attic room once, in purple paint...

Surely not...oh dear, I'd forgotten all about that!

I like it. Its the deth metal uke.

You see; now I hate you. That's a much better name for it than mine!


nice one, off to read about your Vegas exploits, I hope...

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